Thine Eyes

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Compressed black and swallowed, it lays buried inside a canvas of melted, foolish lines.

Busted color leaked into solidarity on an open pupil.

Trapped inside a fluxing current smudged with bereavement and the blissful madness in-bedded from

the gluttony of au courant moments, moments true and peeled,

moments rotted and soiled in the profoundness bathing inside the ticking unanimity of ones own mind; visible existence.

And oh the things it bares witness to;

Transportive passions spun into the playful minds of eager architects.

Mid-summer sky’s, boiling, smiling, scolding the skin.

How it exchanges the dreams planked inside the weary tear ducts of tepid cooling clouds.

And blackness, born from a speechless space, an alchemistic abyss;  one third of our lives.

What paradise finds home inside these jello eyes?

For it is they that wrote this, not I.

Eyes of white,

Eyes of gold,

Courted and neatly trimmed by the thoughts of Michael Angelo.

These glinting, darting, dancing eyes,

Why they have no option but to nebulously sink, in occasion, behind the squint of suspicious lids.

Safeguarded at all times.

But while they remain veiled beneath weakened lids,

They remain open,

fixated inside the belly of a crepuscular night;

 They do not sleep.














You know, I Could Really Use a Drink

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“I tell ya, it works evverrry time!”

I Can’t, I Can’t Reach It

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Pagliacci, Pagliacci, Tragic Clown, Tragic Clown

The Merv Griffin

Serenity Now!

Technicolor Dream Coat?

Kramer & Dr. Restin

Dr.Van Nostrum

Kramer Detective

Serial Killer

Karate Sessions

J.Peterman Tour



No Eating

Test Driver

Smoke & Drink


Cigar Night

Traffic Jam

Ohhh Kramer!

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On the way home, in the midst of his evening bustle


His hand griped at the lament buried inside his hearts muscle

hand on heart


Wilted and torn he took off his blues and remained in the dress for which he was born.

Pondering in the stillness of feeling lost and lovelorn.

“Lovers”      “ Orpheus’ Sorrow  (1876)  ”  by  Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-BouveretThanks to Laberintosyquimeras  for posting this wonderful image

Like a gold fish witnessing the sea while concealed in a transparent cage,


He never quite felt he fit in his world.

Always yearning, waiting, transfixed on clock hands, tic tocked and twirled.


Meanwhile, wedged inside his genius was the menacing feeling of a half-filled cup.


For when he was little; he knew he was meant to be big.


So, wishing by the sea & moon, he sat on a nest of twigs



Transient figures, like neon signs burned between the dark sky’s



Reflecting each tear in his dreaming, uneasy eyes.


With tremulous cords and vacuous hands he let go and dove…

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Nahaa, No E Din’t!

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This clip was brought to you by the letter O

FOR VIEWERS LIKE YOU…or Listeners, listening is good too.


I’m Not Gonna’ Lie, I Like/ It’s Sorta’ Weird

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And by weird I mean I have gone into seclusion, where I will remain for the next 92 days getting over Zero’s story.

Also, is he real? ‘Cause honestly, he looks real, the birth, the beating, just the whole thing looks like a documentary.

Anywayzzzz, you tell me….

Zero does get a bad rap though, I mean look at this fiery inferno of death below!  If you’re going to fall into

a pit or a hole, it’s never like the shape of a 3 or 2 or some other number…After watching this video

I’m so inspired by O courage that I might just through myself into this pit of hell..haha…Hey it’s about

time we stand on the little guy’s side even if it does lead to your (after you)  impending death.